Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Review of Knights of Halicruz, by Lars Jensen

Knights of Halicruz

I love fantasy, and it was a special experience to read such a seminal work from a friend and a fellow self-published fantasy author. It was slow at parts, but the book worked its way to a brilliant payoff and showed off its world and magic system in a way that left me wanting more. I am especially excited to continue to watch Lars grow in his craft as the series continues. He's been thinking about and planning out this world for so long, and you can feel the love and attention he's put into it on every page.

When you read it, keep a close eye on the Lords and their relationships, both inside and outside of Halicruz. I have a feeling their dynamic will be even more important as the story continues.

Thank you for inspiring me in my own journey, Lars, and for bringing this epic story to the world.